Your Life: The Musical

Improvised on the spot for you!

Your Life: The Musical is a Pittsburgh based improv comedy musical troupe. For each show the cast chooses one lucky audience member to be interviewed. Then you'll see them transform that person's life story into a hilarious and touching musical theater show It's just like Broadway (except with no script and no budget)! It could be you!

Your Life: The Musical is a fully improvised musical. That means the accompaniment, singing, acting and dancing are completely made up on the spot without writing, rehearsing or preparation. We hear it all for the first time just as you do. 

The cast will invite one volunteer audience member up on stage for an interview. After the interview the audience member chooses which of the performers will play them. The cast, inspired by the stories and details that they hear will create the show!

Your Life: The Musical performs regularly at 943 Arcade Comedy Theater, but also can be hired to make up a musical about you, a friend, or a colleague for an event!

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